5 LinkedIn Blog Posts Worth Reading About

linkedin-iconThe first blog I find interesting and worth reading is called 5 Tips for Effectively Managing a LinkedIn Group. This blog gives you five steps on how to manage your LinkedIn group, keep members happy and make sure the group is free from spam and clutter.

The second blog that is beneficial for being successful on LinkedIn is called The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn. It gives you 34 tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn presence and use it for professional networking.

The third blog is How to Promote Your Blog in LinkedIn Groups talks about the how to promote your blog in a LinkedIn group. It tells you to avoid using the share button from your status update post but you should post your blog articles as LinkedIn status updates.

The fourth blog post titled Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn actually gives you 13 tips on how to get the most out of LinkedIn. This information is a good tool how to increase your visibility and get more out of searching for a job. It gives you tips on how to increase your Google PageRank.

The fifth blog post is How to Market Your Business through LinkedIn is taken from the LinkedIn for dummies, 2nd Edition. It tells the importance of having all your employees join LinkedIn and link to each other, make sure your business website is linked to your business profile and make sure you have popular keywords that are related to your company. It is a very good read on how to incorporate your business with LinkedIn.


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